Prioritized Consistency and the HEP

Ah, The Home Exercise Progam (HEP); some patients love it, some patients hate it, but very few can improve without it. This seemingly small part of physical therapy care is actually one of, if not the most important. Let’s go back to biology class for a moment…

What are the two things that our body is always trying to do?

  1. Save energy.
  2. Maintain a consistent internal environment (homeostasis).

With these two key elements in mind, HEPs start to make perfect sense. In order to save energy and maintain homeostasis, our bodies try to adapt to ANYTHING we do to them. Physiologically, this is how addicts, ultra-runners, couch potatoes, and bodybuilders are all made. While you read this blog post, your body is adapting in some way. This is a beautiful fact. Understanding it helps us realize that whoever coined the term “consistency is key” couldn’t have been any more spot on. When a patient consistently performs their specialized HEP, their bodies undergo fundamental changes that promote long-term health.

We fully recognize that as a patient progresses and more exercises are added to their HEP, it isn’t always feasible to get through every exercise on the list. When this adversity strikes, prioritized consistency is always the answer. We teach our patients to prioritize 3 exercise that they never skip out on, no matter what life throws at them. By doing this, they are always ready for the next challenge, instead of letting the hectic phases of life run them down.

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