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  1. Modern Rehab’s Thanksgiving 7

    With Thanksgiving at our doorstep, we wanted to apply our understanding of the body and came up with some practical tools for navigating the holiday. Here are the 7 tips we came up with! Stay Hydrated Drinking plenty of water will help keep your body hydrated as many of our Thanksgiving favorites tend to be…

  2. STEP 3 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

    When it comes to all the muscles and bones that our bodies use to move, symmetry is incredibly important for good health. A lack of symmetry is one of the biggest reasons that our joints and connective tissues wear out, resulting in pain that has no permanent relief. Pain leads to compensations in how we move….

  3. STEP 1 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

    STEP 1 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing:   Performing an aerobic warm up to increase intramuscular temperature. At the beginning of a Modern Rehab PT session, we like to have our patients start with 10 minutes of either walking on the treadmill, riding on the stationary bike, or pedaling on the UBE (arm bike)….

  4. Modern Rehab Physical Therapy, The Blog!

      Welcome to the Modern Rehab Physical Therapy Blog: Home to the philosophy and methods behind our madness! As we continue to grow as a company, we thought it was time to create an avenue to further expand on some of our tried and true methods. We plan for this to become a platform of…