STEP 3 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

When it comes to all the muscles and bones that our bodies use to move, symmetry is incredibly important for good health. A lack of symmetry is one of the biggest reasons that our joints and connective tissues wear out, resulting in pain that has no permanent relief.

Pain leads to compensations in how we move. Compensations lead to a loss of symmetry. A Loss of symmetry leads to more pain. This is the downward spiral of pain that can be so hard to get out of. Reverse this spiral by restoring symmetry.

Step 3 to Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing is the use of skilled Manual Therapy techniques. We’ve all experienced a time when a body part is in pain, and we started to move in a way that minimized that pain. This is a healthy, protective mechanism that keeps us from injuring ourselves even more in the short term. However, the body can forget how to move efficiently,  leading to excess physical stress on areas that aren’t meant to withstand it. Check back on Step 2 to PERMANENT Healing for a great explanation of this concept.

With the application of skilled Manual Therapy techniques alongside therapeutic exercise, symmetry can be restored in the muscles, connective tissue, and joints of the body. The body can relearn how to move correctly with reestablished symmetry. At this point, the body has learned to eliminate excess physical stress. The result? Pain-free movement!

The Pain Cycle

How to Permanently Get Out of the Pain Cycle