STEP 2 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

After an effective warm-up, the next step to PERMANENT healing is therapeutic exercise. We teach our patients how to correct compensatory biomechanics with specific exercises emphasizing incredibly strict form. Through this, our patients re-teach their bodies how to eliminate excess physical stress in any part of the body. We’ve witnessed compromised mechanics in the ankle joint cause debilitating neck pain, and understand that the entire human body is intimately connected.

To help explain how we think of this concept, think of your body as a metal chain. Your toes are the bottom of the chain, and your head is the top. Then, think of every single joint in your body as an individual link in that chain. If there is a link toward the top of the chain that is weaker, then consistently yanking the bottom of the chain with still cause that weakest link to break first. In this way, an ankle problem could compromise your walking mechanics without you even realizing it, resulting in neck pain. This is due to excess physical stress working its way up the chain until it reaches the weakest link.

The Modern Rehab family understands how to correct problems with any link in the chain. By learning our methods, you will teach your body to move in a way that stresses each link appropriately, from your toes, to your back, to your head, and everything else in between.

Through our two decades of shared experience, we know that pain is a sign that you are not moving correctly. The solution is NOT to stop moving. The solution is to re-educate your body to move the way it was designed. Good Physical Therapists are here to empower the public, so that everybody can learn to heal themselves.

Tune in next week for Step 3. It’s a good one!