Our 7 Favorite Tips For An Amazing Holiday Season

The smell of delicious cookies in the oven or your favorite holiday soup on the stove. The feeling of tying the perfect bow when wrapping presents. The sound of everyone laughing around a friend or family game (except for that one person’s laugh). The smile on the kids faces when they get the perfect gift. The joy that the teenagers are doing a semi-good job of hiding this year. The taste of the cold one (root beer, of course) that you have with your favorite people on new years.

These are the type of things that make the holidays an amazing time of the year for so many. Modern Rehab’s holiday goal is to ensure that the max amount of people have the max amount of fun to finish out 2018. That’s why we came up with Our 7 Favorite Tips For An Amazing Holiday Season.

Tip #1 Wash your hands often to help prevent the spread of germs

With everyone out and about, multiple social gatherings, and a general change from your normal routine, your body is exposed to new germs that it might not know exactly how to fight. Nip this potential problem in the butt by washing your hands more often than you usually would.

Tip #2 Don’t let anyone drink and drive

Holidays are far from plain and simple, but this tip is exactly that. Whether someone ends up in jail or dead, Santa doesn’t give out 2nd chance cards. Don’t let anyone drink and drive. No exceptions.

Tip #3 Fasten your seat belts while driving or riding

Unfortunately, more people disregard tip #2 during the holidays than any other time of the year. This fact, plus adverse weather can quickly lead to an unhappy holiday. Protect what you care about and make sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled in tight!

Tip #4 Posture

This one is especially easy to forget about in the kitchen. Try not to let your neck or shoulders roll forward for longer than necessary. Thoughtfully good posture is the best gift you could give your body!

Tip #5 Beware the sharp stuff

If you’re a certified knife master, then feel free to skip this tip. If not, then be sure to keep the knives separate and visible from other dishes during cleanup. Noone on Santa’s “Nice List” wants your severed finger as a gift, and a damaged tendon or nerve makes it very difficult to open presents.

Tip #6 Warm up before you hit the slopes

The top of a mountain is a beautiful place to knock out your HEP and enjoy the scenery before the first run. Your body is also more likely to last the entire season with a little warm-up exercise beforehand!

Tip # 7 Stay hydrated

This one is a little tricky. It’s cold outside so we don’t need to worry about drinking enough water, right? Wrong… Think about it this way; The more the air’s temperature is different than your body’s internal 98.6°F, the more energy it takes for your body to keep itself 98.6°F. In order to make energy out of food, your body requires water. Remember this equation. Extremely hot/cold temperature = more energy required = more water needed.

There you have it! Modern Rehab wishes you and your loved ones a fun and safe holiday season. You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve it!

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