Modern Rehab’s Thanksgiving 7

With Thanksgiving at our doorstep, we wanted to apply our understanding of the body and came up with some practical tools for navigating the holiday. Here are the 7 tips we came up with!

  1. Stay Hydrated

    • Drinking plenty of water will help keep your body hydrated as many of our Thanksgiving favorites tend to be loaded with salt. Consuming lots of water can also help maximize your will-power since it will help you feel fuller.
  2. Eat a Good Breakfast

    • Eating a hearty bowl of oatmeal or a loaded breakfast scramble will do you much better than fasting before the big meal. “Saving” your appetite can actually confuse your digestive system into not sending the signals to your brain that usually make you feel full. This is a super easy way to overeat yourself into feeling like a bag of rocks later.
  3. Stay Away From the Appetizers

    • Who can resist delicious looking finger food when it is right in front of them? Definitely not me. If you can, then you should probably be the one writing blog posts. For the rest of us, it’s much easier to stay on top of food intake if you simply avoid hanging out by appetizer table. Go play with the kids or try to figure out what makes your crazy uncle so crazy.
  4. Strategically Fill Up Your Plate

    • This one is POWERFUL! By filling up your plate in this order, there shouldn’t be much empty space for an overload of comfort food. This way you can still grab your favorites while being much less likely to overindulge.
    • 1st: Vegetables + Greens  –>  2nd: Protein  –>  3rd: Comfort food
  5.  Know How to Fight the Food Coma

    • It takes a lot of energy for your body to figure out what to do with an overload of delicious Thanksgiving food. So much so that there might not be enough energy for your brain to work as well as it usually does. Yup, we’re talking about the infamous food coma. If you’d rather minimize the lethargy that makes it hard to even reach for the TV remote, then set a little time aside to work out pre-feast, and have some metabolism boosting coffee or tea post-feast. These two acts will help your body more quickly figure out what just happened to it, keeping you motivated enough to grab that remote and turn off the Christmas special that’s already on.
  6. Get Outside

    • Even though the Idaho weather is getting awfully chilly this time year, getting outside and moving a little bit can really help your stomach settle after a big meal. Something as simple as a short walk with family can do wonders.
  7. Be Present

    • It’s easy to forget about this when there’s a smorgasbord of deliciousness in front of us but remember to pay attention to the other beauties in the room. The decorations, aromas, and people around you can be incredibly satisfying if attention is given to them. Make it a point to soak it all in. If you enjoy spending time with your family then really enjoy it. If it’s more of a formality, then be the one who changes that this year. Focus more on filling your soul instead of your belly and you’ll end up much more satisfied.

There you have it! Modern Rehab’s Thanksgiving 7. Our hope is that these tips help upgrade your holiday experience this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!