1. Prioritized Consistency and the HEP

    Ah, The Home Exercise Progam (HEP); some patients love it, some patients hate it, but very few can improve without it. This seemingly small part of physical therapy care is actually one of, if not the most important. Let’s go back to biology class for a moment… What are the two things that our body…

  2. STEP 4 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

    Vocabulary Cryotherapy – Use of a low-temperature physical agent to enhance healing (i.e. cold pack, ice cup) Electrotherapy – Use of an electrical physical agent to enhance healing (i.e. e-stim machine, TENS)  The Gate Control Theory of Pain – A widely accepted theory that your body can only send so many signals to the brain…

  3. STEP 3 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

    When it comes to all the muscles and bones that our bodies use to move, symmetry is incredibly important for good health. A lack of symmetry is one of the biggest reasons that our joints and connective tissues wear out, resulting in pain that has no permanent relief. Pain leads to compensations in how we move….

  4. STEP 2 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

    After an effective warm-up, the next step to PERMANENT healing is therapeutic exercise. We teach our patients how to correct compensatory biomechanics with specific exercises emphasizing incredibly strict form. Through this, our patients re-teach their bodies how to eliminate excess physical stress in any part of the body. We’ve witnessed compromised mechanics in the ankle…

  5. STEP 1 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing

    STEP 1 of Modern Rehab’s Plan to PERMANENT Healing:   Performing an aerobic warm up to increase intramuscular temperature. At the beginning of a Modern Rehab PT session, we like to have our patients start with 10 minutes of either walking on the treadmill, riding on the stationary bike, or pedaling on the UBE (arm bike)….

  6. Modern Rehab Physical Therapy, The Blog!

      Welcome to the Modern Rehab Physical Therapy Blog: Home to the philosophy and methods behind our madness! As we continue to grow as a company, we thought it was time to create an avenue to further expand on some of our tried and true methods. We plan for this to become a platform of…

  7. Active Kids Become Healthy Adults

    With child obesity still an epidemic in the U.S. and reams of research showing both the immediate and long-term benefits of youth exercise, it’s the duty of parents today to make movement and activity a part of kids’ lifestyles. The first step in teaching kids to be active is to be a good role model….