Following surgery on my right rotator cuff I contacted Modern Rehab for an initial appointment. Modern Rehab was quick to get me in and as soon as I walked in the door I knew this was the place for me. The staff at Modern Rehab make every effort to make you feel at home, and a part of everyone’s rehabilitation experience. Knowing I had another upcoming surgery and following the staff’s guidance I continued rehab for pre-surgery on my left shoulder. The 1 month of pre-surgery shortened my rehab on my left shoulder immensely. Thank you to Jamie and all of the wonderful staff at Modern Rehab. I won’t hesitate to refer family and friends to Modern Rehab. – Steve H.

I had my shoulder surgery June 18, 2014. In my initial appointment with Jamie he asked me “what are your short and long term goals?” I told him I wanted to be back to work with no restrictions and also be able to go archery hunting by opening weekend which is August 30th. Jamie told me that if I follow his program and stick to it, he could have my goals met by the second week of September. With several weeks of hard work and guidance from Jamie I am now able to draw my bow and will be going hunting with confidence, just as Jamie predicted. Thank you very much Modern Rehab staff! – Rob R.

When I arrived at Modern Rehab, I was in rough shape. I had fallen on my back on a concrete floor. My care provider likened my injuries to whip lash, and referred me to Jamie. I have been to physical therapy before. My expectations were in the optimistic range. I knew I could expect some relief for my pain, but how much was a mystery. Ten weeks later, I found out. Going through physical therapy at Modern Rehab is more than just physically transforming your body and working to eliminate your pain. It is a learning process for your body and your mind. I was taught techniques that would not only serve me at the time, but ones that I could use for the rest of my life. Jamie and his staff are awesome! They are friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. Enjoy your journey. It is well worth your time and effort. – Tiffany C.

When I first started, I couldn’t keep my foot straight when I walked and I couldn’t stand through my 4 hour shift without pain. Now I can not only walk normal, I can balance a lot better and do 30 squats, impressive right? I made a goal at the beginning of this that by the end I would be able to start hiking again, starting with Tablerock. I feel really good about meeting that goal thanks to this amazing place and these wonderful people. – Eleanor A.

A Rehab Haiku: My shoulder/arm hurt “Come try rehab,” said Sunny I did and am glad. But seriously (not that haiku isn’t serious), I can’t believe how much better I feel in such a short time. I worried that I would never play tennis or ping pong again but they’ve already got me back at it. This is a great place with a fun atmosphere and I only once had to listen to country music. It’s been like a stay at a 5-star resort without some of the amenities of course. Thanks! – Danielle S.